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Témoignages de nos clients satisfaits !

Anna C. de Laval

"J'ai entendu parler des services d'Erik par un ami. J'ai été très satisfait des résultats. Il m'a aidé à ouvrir ma cour pour ce printemps et je l'ai recommandé à mes amis. C'est un gars qui travaille dur!"

En tant que


Mario P. from Laval

"My lawn is very near the greenest if not the greenest of my neighbors, and without weeds and brown patches as in prior years. I simply didn't believe you when you communicated that I could pay the same price as your competitors, but have the best looking lawn and trees."

Sofia N. from Montreal
"Thanks for a wonderful "green" season."

Natalie D. from Laval

"I am very impressed with your work Erik!"

Leo C. from Montreal

"You are very conscientious and very courteous and I am very pleased. Also, my yard is the best it’s ever looked and I have lived here for over 15 years."

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