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Your One Stop Shop For All Your Lawn Needs!

A Laval based lawn-care company owned and operated by local resident Erik C. We are your one-stop shop for your lawn care service.

We will take the trouble out of maintaining your lawn. We have the right equipment to handle any lawn, and make it look nice.

EC-Pelouse Co. offers you a reliable lawn mowing service, catering to your specific needs as a customer. 

We can trim your hedges to the dimensions you desire.

​Give your grass the nutrients it deserves with our fertilization program. Increase the curb appeal, make the color richer, and achieve thicker grass with all our natural fertilizers.

We can get your lawn ready for spring, and take care of it throughout the autumn as well.

Whether you have an abandoned field you need to cut or you haven't cut your grass all season, we have the tools and knowledge to take care of your needs.

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